birdMe has been designed in order to ease and secure businesses and personal
information. Thus our cutting-edge technology has been developed to provide
your business with the most efficient invoicing and transfer tracking systems.
We are pleased to introduce a platform for the business and the customer where
all transactions are secure and very simple to use for both the parties. Hence,
leading the businesses towards larger success; through gaining the customer’s
trust and increasing sales.
We have designed birdMe to meet all the markets requirements and to support
most billing methods

Mission Statement

to be the pioneer Saudi company developed an easy-to-use solution that empowers SME’S transactions securely. Providing our customers with the software they need to run and expand their business professionally.

Vision Statement

To be the pioneer on the go online payment collector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


birdme is developed for powering our customer’s transaction

Inclusiveness: Pursue the creation of the very best harnessing diversity and varying viewpoints.

Integrity and sincerity: Earn the trust for our customers through ethical and responsible conduct.

Passion: We care intensely about our customers and birdme’s success

Quality : We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Impact: We focus on results over process


Application that transform the way people work

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Birdme Mobile App

Birdme is an invoice application for small, medium and enterprise businesses. It helps you get your business paid faster and track your Transactions.

  • Customize your invoices from your mobile
  • Create contact list. Invoicing your clients made easy
  • Create your categorized product’s list
  • Customized reports for empowering your business
  • Send invoice via SMS, Email, and even WhatsApp
  • Manage your business on the Go!