What is birdmeApp?

It is an application that serves small and medium businesses. It provides a set of features to help your business grow, an electronic payment gateway for all available payment methods, in addition to issuing and sharing invoices with your customers directly from your mobile phone, and creating smart reports for all sales, collection, unpaid transactions and refunds with a high level of security and privacy.

What features does birdmeApp offer?

It facilitates the creation of an electronic invoice with an easy-to-use interface. It allows sending an unlimited number of invoices to an unlimited number of customers by tracking the time of billing and reports, preparing recurring account statements, and creating daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. With consideration to the highest level of privacy and security of your data. Add an unlimited number of users with permissions different. The customer service team provides continuous support to ensure an outstanding user experience.

How useful is birdmeApp for me?

The birdmeApp application helps you to prepare your bills easily and quickly, and then it can be shared through the available and favorite contact points with your customers and send payment reminders, or collect your payments faster. With birdmeApp you can manage your payments wherever you are from your mobile directly.

Is birdmeApp safe?

User information is always our priority, as we provide a high level of banking security, security, and privacy

If I have a problem or would like to inquire? How can I contact you for assistance?

You can contact the support team through your favorite communication channels

Through the application on your mobile device, the official page of the application, contact customer service or WhatsApp during working hours, and your inquiries will be answered directly and work to solve any obstacles or problems you encounter through your use of the application

What are the requirements for creating an account on birdmeApp?

To create your birdmeApp account, you need to provide a tablet or smart mobile (Android or IOS) download the App, signup then completes the requirements to activate your account.

How long does it take to activate the account?

When all requirements are completed and uploaded, the birdmeApp’s support team will check them, and the account will be activated on the same day, and you can start managing your sales.

How are payments made and transferred to my bank account?

When registering in the App, the account activation will require entering the IBAN associated with your bank account, so that your customers’ payments are transferred directly to your account upon your request, when the account is activated after completing all requirements.

Is it required to pay a fee when registering or activating the account?

Downloading the application, registering, activating the account, and issuing electronic invoices are completely free, and the fees will be calculated on electronic payments only according to the payment method, provided that they are collected before transferring the amounts to your account.

Does the application support the Arabic language?

birdmeApp application works with a fully Arabic or English application interface, according to the user’s desire.

Is it possible to add multiple users to the same account?

birdmeApp allows adding multiple users with different access permissions. It is also possible to monitor the activity of each user and generate reports for all users.